How to Make iPhone Talk When Charging? Cool Siri and Productivity

How to Make iPhone Talk When Charging


Apple’s Siri is a popular productivity tool used by millions globally. It is a voice assistant that works similar to Alexa, Cortana, or Google’s Voice Assistant.

It simplifies most mundane but straightforward tasks like checking time or weather. In brief, Siri enables iPhone users to control their devices using voice commands.

In addition to the numerous features and functionalities of Siri, Apple has added an option for controlling Siri when your phone is charging.

This feature comes in handy when you’re low on battery juice and need assistance from Siri. Follow this guide to make your iPhone talk when charging.

How To Make iPhone Talk When Charging
  1. Initially, you have to look for the automation tab. A simple search on the navigation bar should display it pretty fast.
  2. Click on the “Create Personal Automation” button from the range of options provided. This button will give you access to the “Charger” in the automation list. Select this button.
  3. Now connect your iPhone to a power outlet. An option labeled “Is Connected” will pop up.
  4. Locate an option labeled “Add Action” and click it. You’ll select the buttons to be activated. Ensure you enable the ‘Speak Text’ functionality.
  5. Now you’re done. Proceed to use Siri to see if the feature is functional when charging your smartphone.

Activating Siri in Different Apple Devices

In conventional iPhone models, users can activate Siri by holding down the Home button. You can activate this feature for devices lacking home buttons by sliding a button.

If you’re using the iOS models 14 or later on any of your devices, you’ll notice a small icon pop up at the bottom of your device.

To access Siri on your Mac, you need to locate the Siri icon app either on the dock or menu bar. Alternatively, you can hold the command key plus the space bar down if Siri.

Apple has also included a button for Siri command on the Touch Bar for touch screen Mac computers. Ultimately, you can call out the “Hey Siri” command to activate it.

Apple watch series also have Siri functionality enabled. To activate it, you only need to use the Hey Siri command.

The latest watchOS versions have the Raise to Speak feature. This function enables users to command Siri without mentioning “Hey Siri,” its trigger command.

Initial AirPod models allow for Siri activation by double taps. The ‘Hey Siri’ command is active on most second-generation models. This trigger command is also the one that activates Siri on HomePods.

Lastly, you can use a remote controller to activate Siri on your AppleTV. Press and hold down the remote button to activate it in the fourth and fifth AppleTV generations. You can activate the Siri feature from the side button for newer models.

Passive Siri Recommendations

Siri is an active assistant that typically requires command inputs to function. You should note that you can use the passive Siri, which will offer proactive recommendations.

To better understand this, we can use an example. Christian is an iPhone user who relies on Siri to interact with his phone quickly.

He is running late for an appointment synced in his calendar. Siri notes this and proactively suggests that Christian call and say that he may be late.

Moreover, Siri will provide Christian with a plethora of other actionable choices he might consider.

These proactive recommendations help Christian use Siri, to best manage his time. Such recommendations include the appropriate time to leave to avoid getting later.

This feature extends to other applications that users frequently use. It may suggest a number or address that you should text or mail. Furthermore, it can offer suggestions on Safari based on what you usually browse.

The Siri recommendations usually vary between individuals. This variance arises based on the different online activities unique to different users.

Therefore, what you see when you’re running late may differ from what Christian (our model iPhone user) received.

iOS has shortcuts and automation that enable iPhone users to work on tasks that require multiple steps.

This feature is labeled “Siri Shortcuts” on the iPhone. By suggesting possible actionable steps to users, Siri helps users save time.

Incredible Tips To Consider When Using Siri

You can tweak Apple’s voice assistant to customize its performance. You can manipulate the language, voice, and kind of responses that you get from Siri.

Moreover, you can clear your browsing data to manage your privacy. These are some of the hacks you should consider.

  1. Train Your Siri

Occasionally, Siri may misunderstand your voice input. This issue may be due to problems with speech recognition, or maybe it doesn’t get your voice.

You can train this Apple Assistant to understand your voice better. Navigate to the settings, select Siri and Search, then click on Listen for “Hey Siri.” Disable this feature, wait for a moment, then enable it again.

Siri will start over again and may prompt you to use the trigger word to set it up. A bunch of random phrases will appear on your screen. Repeating them out will train Siri to identify your voice.

You can also train Siri to help it pronounce words accurately. The Assistant may pronounce names inappropriately. You can train Siri to pronounce these names correctly to avoid funny and weird enunciations.

You have to instruct Siri to learn using the trigger command. Training Siri may involve commands like “Hey Siri! Learn how to pronounce Nadal”. Siri will learn through iterations how to pronounce this name appropriately.

The Assistant will confirm if it has the correct individual then request you to pronounce the name.

It will provide several pronunciation options that you have to click to determine which sounds closer to the name’s pronunciation.

In some cases, the verbal correction may not be available for some devices. Therefore, you can phonetically change the pronunciation. Pick a name from your contacts, then edit it.

Tap on the Add Field button to access a range of phonetic options to help Siri pronounce a particular name.

If you still can’t find the proper pronunciation, you’ll have to manually type the correct way of pronouncing a particular name.

You can also rectify some mistakes that Siri makes. You’ll have to ensure that you’ve enabled Siri to display your questions. This way, you’ll scrutinize and make necessary edits manually if Siri took the inputs wrongly.

  1. Customizing How The Assistant Responds

You can also tweak how Siri responds with its voice commands. You’ll customize the responses from the settings panel.

By merely toggling a button, you can alter how Siri responds in different modes. For instance, you can only enable Siri functionality when the Silent Mode is off. Likewise, you can customize Siri’s responses when chanting the trigger word.

Moreover, you can enable Siri to caption your questions and responses on your screen. This feature comes alive when you activate the “Show Captions” and “Show Speech” buttons in the settings panel.

  1. Ask Siri To Perform An Action

Siri is your digital Assistant meant to provide a smooth and responsive way of interacting with your device.

Therefore, it can help you perform some actions that would otherwise require manual inputs from your fingers.

You can use Siri to help you share some media content. Such include photos, documents, stories, or any other media. You have to navigate the content and then ask Siri to share it with you.

You can also ask Siri to message or call some number. You can initiate the action with Siri commands by saying something like, “Hey Siri! Text Christian and inform him that the meeting is over.” Siri will then execute your command.

  1. Enable Siri To Announce Calls and Notifications

Siri also announces incoming calls specifying the caller’s name. It will then inquire whether you want to answer or ignore the call. This feature saves the time you’d require to check your phone, especially if it’s farther away.

iPhone users can enable this feature in the settings. Inside the settings, navigate to Siri and Search. You’ll find an option prompting you to announce calls.

You should also note that you can customize how Siri announces the calls. For instance, you can instruct Siri to announce calls only when a headset is connected.


iPhone is a leading brand known for high-end devices that perform very well. With the introduction of Siri, Apple users enjoyably use their iPhones by voice commands. This functionality can be enabled even when the phone is charging.

Apple’s Assistant comes with an array of features and benefits that enhance users’ experience. You can use it to answer calls, share files, or contact people from your contact list.

Lastly, we’ve gone through some tips on how to enjoy better the services offered by Siri. Such can be through training it or customizing its features.



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