Why Is My Iphone Voicemail Full After Deleting? Fixes


The invention of the telephone has brought up a new age of technology and communication, and scientists put in hours to improve the original idea.

Over the years, they came up with better phones and answering machines to record messages when you aren’t around.

When the world upgraded to hand-held phones, the inventors integrated answering machine features into the phone; now we have voicemail.

You won’t always have your phone on you, but a voicemail service will help you get all your messages so let’s get into it;

Why is My iPhone Voicemail Full After Deleting?

This is because the iPhone will store the messages you delete in another location, primarily your carrier.

The voicemail remains full since the phone stores copies of your messages. You can fix it by calling your voicemail and pressing the designated number to delete the messages from the carrier, so you have more space.

How to Set up Voicemail on iPhone

A voicemail is essential for many reasons, and it can make a big difference for you. It is crucial to receive many sensitive phone calls about business or your family. This way, you will get messages as soon as possible if you miss a call.

If you are new to iPhones or get a new iPhone, you will have to set up your voicemail first. Here is a quicken setup guide on creating the voicemail and how to troubleshoot it if you come across any problems;

  • On your iPhone home page, click the green phone icon at the bottom of the page.
  • There will be a series of numbers on the phone home page then the voicemail icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on it, and you will get an option to set up your voicemail if it is your first time doing this.
  • Click on the option to set up your voicemail, and the following screen will require you to input a password between 4 and 6 digits, after which it will take you to the greetings page.
  • The greeting page is the introduction you get when you call someone, and it goes to voicemail. You can use the default greeting or a custom one.

The default greeting is one iPhone recorded, and it will say you’ve reached someone’s voicemail; please leave a message. The custom option will allow you to record your message, and you need to press record and speak your voicemail message.

Once you are satisfied, you can press stop, then play it to listen and make sure it is what you want; then press ‘save’ at the top of the screen. When people call you, they will hear that greeting and record the voicemail after the beep.

  • When people leave messages, they will appear on your voicemail page, and you can tap on it to listen. You need to manage the number of voicemails on your phone since they can fill it up, and you won’t get more messages which will defeat the purpose.

If you don’t see the option with greetings and recording your voicemail, there is a chance that your cell phone plan doesn’t have voicemail.

Some plans don’t have this plan, so you have to call your service provider or go to their website and add voicemail to your service plan.

How To Fix Call Voicemail on iPhone

When you open the voicemail page on your iPhone, you should get a list of all the messages, but this might not always be the case.

Instead of showing your voicemail visually, the phone might show, call voicemail, and here is how you can correct it;

This issue comes up because you didn’t set up your visual voicemail, or you set it up, but the phone is not seeing the files.

  • One way of fixing this is by resetting your cellular network, especially if the issue has not been there for a long time. To do this, go to your home page and scroll down to access the quick menu icons.

Put the phone in airplane mode, leave it on for about 30 seconds, and turn it off;  it will reset your cellular connection. Keep in mind that airplane mode will shut down your Wi-Fi, hotspot, cellular data, and phone call connectivity.

  • It could be an issue with your setting, and you need to do a network reset. To do it, go to general settings, then scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose reset to get to a new screen of options.

If the issue is with your phone, then the reset network settings option will most likely fix the issue for you. Keep in mind that this choice will reset several other settings, including the name of your phone, the Wi-Fi connection, and others.

You won’t lose any data, but all the network settings will go to the defaults, like when you get the phone. The phone will walk you through resetting after entering the passcode, and it may restart depending on your model.

  • After the reset, go back to your phone icon and see if you have visual voicemails. If it isn’t showing, you might want to close out the app, swipe up to the right, and you will see all the running apps.

Swipe the phone app upwards to close it, then touch outside the remaining apps to go back to the homepage. This is a reboot for your phone app, and if there isn’t a change in the display, you might need to contact your carrier.

The carrier can remove your visual voicemail feature then read it to resolve the problem. They can also delete your voicemail and set it up again if you don’t have anything important on your voicemail.

You can have the carrier put on or take off your visual voicemail through text; you can dial 611 from your phone for AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. If you are in the US, you will get an associate to help you fix it.

How to Fix An iPhone Going Straight To Voicemail

Another issue many people have is their iPhones going straight to voicemail even when they don’t want them to. This can happen for several reasons so let us break them down and help you solve them;

  • The most common reason for this is when you turn on the do not disturb setting. This feature is supposed to keep people and the device from disturbing you, so it won’t allow calls to come in when it is on, and they will go to voicemail.

To turn it off or check for its icon, you need to access the control center. On iPhones past 8, you need to scroll down on the upper right corner, and for versions from 8 or before, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Look for the moon icon and make sure it is dark to know it’s off; if it is purplish or white, tap it and turn it off. Numerous do not disturb features could turn it on automatically and cause this issue, so you might want to look at the settings.

  • Another common reason behind this problem is airplane mode. Airplane mode will cut off all cellular communications from your device, so your call will go straight to voicemail. Look at the airplane icon in the control center and make sure it is off.
  • Sometimes people think their iPhones go to voicemail because they look down and see a missed call, but in fact, the ringer volume is down. One reason is that the volume controls on your iPhone’s side don’t control the notifications’ volume.

So you could have a high volume of music, but the ringer doesn’t do anything. To fix this, go to the sound settings on your iPhone and scroll to the ringer and alerts. You will see the slider for your ringer, and you can turn it up to an appropriate volume.

  • Also, make sure the other person has not blocked you, or you haven’t blocked them. If you block someone and they try to call you, the call will go straight to voicemail without ringing.

Go to the phone category under settings to see who you have blocked. Scroll down to call blocking and identification to see the list of all the people you have blocked.

You also need to check the carrier’s setting updates. Sometimes your phone won’t connect properly to the cell towers in your area, so the calls go to voicemail, and a carrier settings update will fix this issue.


Sometimes you might delete your voicemails, but they remain in the carrier storage, so your mailbox is full even after deleting them. If this is the case, you can call the carrier and have them delete the messages or call into your voicemail and delete them.

It is crucial to correctly set up your voicemail to avoid missing critical communications. Ensure the settings allow you to receive phone calls when needed; otherwise, you will get all your calls going to voicemail.



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