Privacy & Policy

The following comprises the privacy policy of This privacy policy applies to his website and other adopted websites and services we provide;

This privacy policy may change at any time without prior notice. This privacy policy is also part of the site’s Terms of Use.

  • Third Parties

We request our third-party partners to adhere strictly to our privacy policy; however, we are not responsible for any information or links provided by these third parties on our website.

  •  Collection of User Information

We only collect information volunteered by visitors to our website. We do collect this information in diverse ways. Information such as names, addresses of street and city, email, and zip codes will be in store when you subscribe to our services. We do give our users the option of giving out their personal information.

  • Subscriptions

You can subscribe to any of our services online by following a simple prompt. Keep in mind that we store all subscription-related information.

  • Messages and Postings

We will like to let you know that we may decide to use any message you post on the forum or any part of the website. We reserve the right to use any message posted on our platform, web chats, and others from the Terms of Use.

  • Cookies and IP Address

We make use of cookies to provide more customized services. Cookies help limit the number of times a user will have to see certain advertisements on the website. Cookies are small data files that certain websites will write on your hard drive. They are harmless but make it easier to personalize your experience on this site.  

  • Use of Information Shared

When you share any information on this site, we will not share the information with a third party without your consent. We do respect users’ privacies.