Best Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands: Tiny But Mighty

Best Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands


Are you looking for the best keyboards for small hands? Look no further! Gaming keyboards are a crucial part of any serious gamer’s setup.

However, finding the right keyboard that suits your needs can be daunting. When it comes to gamers with smaller hands, the struggle is real!

The perfect keyboard should offer excellent performance and durability and fit comfortably in your hands, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.

After extensive research and testing, we have curated a list of the best gaming keyboards for small hands that will enhance your gaming experience and provide maximum comfort during those long gaming sessions.

What Is The Best Gaming Keyboard For Smal Hands?

The Corsair K83 wireless Keyboard is a standout product that offers a range of impressive features.

This keyboard can be used with various devices, including Windows and Mac computers, Android and iOS mobile devices, and gaming consoles. The wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth and USB, giving users flexibility and convenience.

Another outstanding feature of the Corsair K83 is its touchpad, which is large and precise, making it easy to navigate menus and control media. The keyboard also has an intuitive layout, with backlit keys that make it easy to type in low-light settings.

In addition to these features, the Corsair K83 features a stylish and sleek design, making it a great addition to any entertainment setup. And with long-lasting battery life, you won’t have to worry about constantly recharging.

The Best Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands

1. Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

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Interface: Bluetooth
Dimension: 10.1’’ x 3.97’’ x 0.82’’
Weight: ‎1.3 pounds
No of keys: 78
+ Easy to use
+ Portable
+ Window 8 shortcut keys
+ Light touch keys
+ Media keys
– Quite expensive

The Microsoft Wedge Keyboard for small hands is an excellent solution for gamers with small hands.

With its compact and lightweight design, this keyboard is easy to carry around and designed to fit comfortably in your hands.

Its multi-purpose cover doubles as a tablet stand, providing a convenient and stable platform for your device.

This keyboard has Windows 8 shortcut keys, making navigating and accessing your favorite applications easy.

It also features Bluetooth connectivity, eliminating the need for a transceiver and providing a wireless connection to your tablet and other devices.

The light-touch keys are designed to reduce typing fatigue, making them perfect for long gaming sessions or extended work hours.

Music and video control media keys also enable you to manage your media playback without disrupting your workflow.

The battery status indicator ensures you’re always aware of your keyboard’s battery life, providing ample time to recharge when needed.

With the Windows Start key, you can easily access the Start menu, simplifying the navigation process and enhancing your overall user experience.

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2. RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Interface: USB C
Dimension: 11.5’’ x 4.02’’ x 1.57’’
Weight: 1.23 pounds
No of keys: 61

+ Ultra-compact
+ Wireless connectivity
+ Programmable keys
+ Long battery life
+ Pocket-friendly

– There’s a learning curve for hotkeys

Its pure white color gives it a sleek and modern look that will enhance any workspace. While the RGB backlighting adds an extra level of aesthetic appeal by allowing you to customize the lighting to match your mood or the atmosphere of your environment.

With durable and responsive mechanical switches, this keyboard provides a satisfying typing experience that’s ideal for fast-paced gamers. The RK61’s long battery life is a key feature that sets it apart from other compact keyboards.

With a built-in 1450mAh rechargeable battery, this keyboard can last up to 10 hours with the RGB lighting on and up to 360 hours with it off, ensuring that you can use it for extended periods without worrying about recharging.

Another unique feature of the RK61 is its programmable keys, which allow you to customize the keyboard to perform specific functions or macros.

 This customization level provides greater control over your workflow, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.

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3. Drevo Excalibur

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Dimension: 13.94 x 5.12 x 1.54 inches
Weight: ‎1.25 pounds
No of keys: 84

+ Keycaps are easy to change
+ Floating keys are easy to reach with small hands
+ Tenkeyless design
+ Detachable USB cable
+ Durable build quality

– Not the cheapest option

The DREVO Excalibur Keyboard is a mechanical keyboard designed for gamers and heavy typists. It features mechanical switches known for their durability and tactile feedback, providing precision and control.

The tenkeyless design frees up desk space and makes it easy to carry around, while the customizable RGB backlighting allows you to personalize your workspace.

The DREVO Excalibur keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, making it versatile and easy to use.

Talk about value for money! This keyboard is built to last, with a solid metal frame and ABS keycaps that ensure durability and longevity.

With the detachable USB cable, it will be easy to pack up and take it on the go, allowing you to work or play wherever you want.

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4. Magic Keyboard

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Interface: Bluetooth / USB C
Dimension: 11.69 x 5.04 x 0.76
Weight: 0.53 lbs.
No of keys: 78
+ Ultra slim
+ Excellent bounce and feedback
+ Rechargeable battery
+ Sleek design
+ Compact design

– Not the cheapest keyboard

Here is another keyboard for fans of mechanical keyboards who want a more slim, lightweight, and portable option.

The Keychron K3 offers the satisfying feel, bounce, and travel that mechanical keyboards are known for without the added bulk.

Plus, with the addition of optical switches, you’ll enjoy a quieter typing and gaming experience.

The laptop also features RGB lighting with several fun profiles to choose from at the touch of a button.

And if you want to customize your typing experience even further, the switches are swappable (although an extra set will cost you).

While the battery life may only last about a day and a half to two days, the good news is that it’s rechargeable and fast charging.

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5. Logitech K780

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Interface: Wireless/ Bluetooth
Dimension: 0.9’’ x 6.2’’ x 14.9’’
Weight: 1.92 lbs.
No of keys: 97
+ Stylish design
+ Compatible with multiple devices
+ Excellent battery life
+ Multi-device wireless keyboard
+ Integrated phone and tablet stand
– No backlighting

Looking for a beautiful keyboard that lets you type on any device? Well, the Logitech K780 was designed just for that.

With USB and Bluetooth smart wireless connectivity, this keyboard seamlessly connects to your computer, tablet, or smartphone for an effortless gaming experience.

But that’s not all; the K780 allows you to type and switch between up to three devices with just a button, no more juggling between keyboards or cables.

With a full-size keyboard and quiet, large keys, typing and gaming can be comfortable and efficient, even for long periods. Plus, the keyboard includes an integrated phone and tablet stand that holds your devices at the perfect angle.

Whether you use Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS, or Android devices, the K780 is designed to work with all of them. And with its sleek design and convenient features, it’s the perfect keyboard for any gamer.

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6. Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard

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Interface: Bluetooth / USB
Dimension: 15’’ x 4.93’’ x 1.11’’
Weight: 1.06 pounds
No of keys: 77
+ Small trackpad
+ Modern joystick control
+ Durable design
+ Excellent key feel
+ Backlit secondary function

– Does not have a dedicated delete button

If you’re on the lookout for a gaming keyboard that is not only compact but also loaded with features, the Corsair K63 Wireless is definitely worth considering.

It is not just one of the best small keyboards on the market, but it can also be considered one of the best gaming keyboards to date.

Corsair has managed to fit in a range of features that are typically expected by serious gamers in this compact design.

This keyboard has everything from per-key customizable LED lighting to dedicated multimedia keys, anti-ghosting, full key rollover, and even a Windows Lock Key.

The Corsair K63 Wireless is perfect for gamers who frequently travel, as it is designed to meet all their requirements.

Its ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz wireless technology with Cherry MX switches ensures a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Therefore, if you’re considering a wireless keyboard for gaming, this keyboard is definitely worth checking out.

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7. Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact

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Interface: Wired/ USB
Dimension: 1.5’’ x 6.5’’ x 14’’
Weight: 1,9 pounds
No of keys: 87
+ Cherry MX red mechanical switches
+ Multimedia control
+ Infinite lighting possibilities
+ Multimedia control
+ Durable aluminum frame
– No touchpad

Despite being pricier, this tenkeyless keyboard is a worthwhile investment. Its mechanical build and brushed aluminum frame provide silky-smooth key presses. The keyboard’s design guarantees longevity and durability while lending a professional look.

Crafted from anodized brushed aluminum, this keyboard is built to last. Its superior durability means you can count on it to withstand even the most intense gaming marathons or demanding workdays.

With advanced backlighting control, the K65 delivers dynamic, vibrant multi-color that adds a touch of excitement to your gaming setup.

Plus, with CUE support, you can customize your keyboard’s lighting and macros to fit your specific needs, creating a truly personalized gaming experience.

Equipped with 100% Cherry MX RGB red key switches and gold contacts, the K65 delivers precise, and fast key presses that are perfect for gaming or typing.

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8. SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL

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Interface: USB
Dimension: 14.58’’ x 6.3’’ x 1.38’’
Weight: 1.92 pounds
No of keys: 104
+  Compact and tenkeyless design
+ Dedicated media controls
+ Anti-ghosting technology
+ Well-built and durable
+ Programmable keys
– The cable is not braided

The SteelSeries Tenkeyless is another mechanical keyboard designed for gamers with small fingers.

Its compact and tenkeyless design takes up less space on your desk and makes it easier to carry around. But its features don’t stop there.

This keyboard uses mechanical switches that are more durable and responsive than traditional membrane switches, providing a better typing and gaming experience.

And its dedicated media controls allow you to adjust volume, play/pause and skip tracks without leaving your game or application.

Customization options abound with programmable keys that can be customized to your liking using the SteelSeries Engine software. This feature enables you to create shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

Moreover, the keyboard features anti-ghosting technology, which prevents accidental key presses, ensuring accurate input.

And with its sturdy build quality and metal frame, this keyboard is built to last, providing years of reliable use.

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9. Redragon K552

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Interface: USB
Dimension: 1.46’’ x 13.94’’ x 4.86’’
Weight: 1.93 pounds
No of keys: 87
+ Compact design
+ Customizable RGB backlighting
+ Durable construction
+ Anti-ghosting technology
+ Tactile & satisfying sound of mechanical keys
– The gaps between the keys don’t appeal to everyone

If you prefer mechanical keyboards, the Redragon K552, a compact powerhouse, will elevate your typing and gaming experience to the next level.

With its mechanical keys, you can feel every keystroke with satisfying feedback, making it easier to type faster and more accurately.

The compact design of this keyboard is ideal for those with limited desk space, and the lack of a numeric keypad means you can easily reach for your mouse without stretching your arm.

One of the standout features of the Redragon K552 is its customizable RGB backlighting which allows you to choose from a variety of colors and brightness levels, creating your unique lighting effects.

Not only is this keyboard stylish and functional, but it’s also built to last. The metal frame and ABS construction make it sturdy and durable, ensuring it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

The gold-plated contacts further enhance the durability of this keyboard, resisting corrosion and wear over time.

Additionally, its anti-ghosting technology allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously without interference or missed keystrokes, giving you an edge in gaming.

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What To Look For When Buying Gaming Keyboard For Small Hands

While plenty of gaming keyboards are on the market, not all are designed for people with smaller hands in mind.

Choosing the right gaming keyboard is crucial to ensure you have the best gaming experience possible. Here are some key features you should consider when buying a gaming keyboard for small hands

Size and Ergonomics

When it comes to gaming keyboards for small hands, size, and ergonomics are crucial factors to consider. Choosing a too-large or too-small keyboard can lead to discomfort and even injury over time.

Look for keyboards designed specifically for smaller hands, with a compact layout and comfortable, ergonomic design.

The keyboard should allow easy access to all keys, so you don’t have to stretch or strain to reach any buttons.

Additionally, consider the keyboard’s angle and height and the wrist rest’s placement to ensure that your hands and wrists are in a comfortable and natural position while gaming.

Programmable keys

They allow you to customize the layout of your keyboard, assign macros to keys, and execute complex commands with ease. This feature is especially useful for gamers who must perform multiple commands or combos quickly and efficiently.

With programmable keys, you can create shortcuts for in-game commands, such as reloading, switching weapons, or using spells, saving you valuable time and increasing your performance.

Additionally, you can assign macros to keys to execute a series of commands with just one keystroke, giving you a competitive edge in fast-paced games.

Many gaming keyboards come with software that allows you to program the keys to your liking, while others have dedicated macro keys specifically designed for this purpose.

Regardless of the method, programmable keys are essential for any serious gamer looking to improve their gameplay and gain a competitive advantage.

 Tactile feedback

Tactile feedback refers to the sensation you feel when you press a key on a keyboard. Gamers must have a keyboard with good tactile feedback, allowing them to type faster and more accurately.

A keyboard with good tactile feedback gives the user a satisfying sensation that lets them know they’ve pressed the key.

This allows them to type without looking at the keyboard, increasing their typing speed and accuracy.

Additionally, good tactile feedback can help reduce typos and accidental key presses, which can be particularly beneficial in fast-paced games.

RGB lighting

In addition to providing a cool aesthetic to your gaming setup, RGB lighting can enhance your gaming experience by providing visual cues for in-game events.

Moreover, RGB lighting allows you to customize your keyboard to match your style, with the ability to choose from a wide range of colors and lighting effects.

Some keyboards even offer customizable lighting profiles tailored to specific games or genres, adding an extra layer of immersion to your gaming experience.


A keyboard with versatile connectivity options, such as USB or Bluetooth, allows for greater flexibility in connecting to various devices, including gaming PCs, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Multiple connectivity options also ensure you can easily switch between devices and use the same keyboard for all your gaming needs.

For example, if you prefer to use your keyboard with your laptop on the go, Bluetooth connectivity is a must.

In addition, some gaming keyboards offer wired and wireless connectivity options, which can benefit gamers who want the freedom of wireless gaming but the reliability of a wired connection when needed.


A keyboard built to last and withstand heavy use will ensure that it lasts long, even with intense gaming sessions.

Durable keyboards are constructed with high-quality materials and can handle the wear and tear of extended use.

They are less likely to break or malfunction, making them a reliable choice for gamers who demand high performance and longevity from their equipment.

A durable keyboard can also save you money in the long run, as you won’t have to replace it as frequently, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious gamer.


The best gaming keyboard for small hands can significantly affect a gamer’s performance and overall comfort experience.

It’s important to consider factors such as keyboard size, key spacing, tactile feedback, and connectivity options.

Whether you’re a competitive gamer looking for a high-performance keyboard or a casual gamer needing a reliable option, there’s a keyboard out there that’s ideal for you.

With the right keyboard, you can take your gaming to the next level and easily achieve victory. Ultimately, the best gaming keyboard in this category will depend on your personal preferences and gaming needs.



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